Prof Svoboda's DC Circuits Tutor

The DC Circuits Tutor consists of several Java applets, each providing exercises in a circuit analysis topic:

  1. Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws 
  2. Series and Parallel Resistors 
  3. Equivalent Resistance 
  4. Superposition 
  5. Node and Mesh Equations 
  6. Dependent Sources 
  7. More Dependent Sources 
  8. Op Amps 

Each applet generates a series of circuit analysis problems. Each circuit analysis problem includes a meter that measures a voltage or current. The user is asked to predict the the voltage or current measured by the meter. The user's answer is checked by the program. If it is correct, that fact is announced and the meter displays the answer. If not correct, use user is given another chance to answer. The program keeps track of the number answers and of the number of correct answers. At any time the user can ask to see the correct answer.

A pop-up calculator is provided.

Pop-up help screens in each module refer to the relevant pages in the Introduction to Electric Circuits by R.C. Dorf and J.A. Svoboda.