Students are expected to make and keep copies of all work that they submit for grading (including assignments)


Assignment 0:

Purchase, download and install Multisim (student version) on your PC. Must be completed before the beginning of the second week of classes.


Download (free) and install Mathcad on your PC: Mathcad 2001 (Key: MN100011UC0151)


Assignment 1: (Due: Wednesday, Sept 13. Submit a hardcopy before lecture starts)

Svoboda textbook: P1.2-2, P1.2-5, P1.2-6, P1.5-1, P1.5-5, P1.5-6, P1.7-1 & DP1-2.

Verify P1.2-5, P1.5-6 and DP1-2 using Mathcad

For P1.5-6 determine the average power and the total energy over the period . Is this energy supplied by or is it absorbed by the element?

Attach screen captures (you may use Jing) of all Mathcad work to your solutions.

(Free Screen capture software: Jing)


Assignment 2: (Due: Monday, Sept 25. Submit a hardcopy before lecture starts)

Svoboda textbook: P2.2-3, P2.2-4, P2.2-5, P2.4-2, P2.4-4, P2.4-11, P2.5-2, P2.5-6, P2.6-2 and P2.7-10.

For P2.6-2 and P2.7-10 verify your solutions employing Multisim.


Assignment 3: (Due: Monday, October 2. Submit a hardcopy before lecture starts)

Make and keep with you a copy of this assignment

Svoboda textbook: P3.3-10, P3.4-16, P3.6-14, P3.6-27.

Solve the “Your Turn” problems on Chapter 3 Slides: 38, 42(bottom circuit), 47 (first circuit and the cube) and 59 (second problem, Circuit b).

Employ Mathcad to solve (symbolically) the set of Equations (1), (2) and (4) on Slide 17.

Employ Multisim to solve for  in the circuit on Slide 48