ECE 3300

ECE 3300: Introduction to Electrical Circuits. Cr. 4. Prereq: PHY 2185; coreq: MAT 2150. Electrical quantities and waveforms; resistance and Ohm's law; networks and Kirchhoff's laws; network equivalents; nodal and mesh analysis; Thevenin's theorem and other network theorems; first- and second-order systems; introduction to sinusoidal steady-state response.



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Lab Experiments


Additional Problems & Answers


s-Domain Examples

s-Domain Component Models

s-Domain Signal Models

s-Domain to t-Domain Table

Transform Properties



Complex Numbers

Trigonometric Identities

Derivatives Table

Integration Table






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Lecture Notes

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Practical Electronics for Inventors book (old, but free download)



A Simple Guide to Basic Electronics Components (video)


Capacitor Types


LM741 op-amp data sheet

LF351 op-amp data sheet

OPA277 op-amp data sheet


Circuits Teaching Assistant (use Internet Explorer)



Mathcad 2001

Key: MN100011UC0151


Mathcad Tutorial

Mathcad Manual



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