Brief Summary

Associative Neural Memories: Theory and Implementation
by Mohamad H. Hassoun

(Oxford Press, 1993)

Associative neural memories-a class of artificial neural networks-are among the most extensively studied and best understood neural paradigms. This volume brings together pioneering work on associative neural models that have close connections to biological or psychological aspects of memory, and demonstartes the important contributions that neurobiology can make to the design of artificial neural networks. Subsequent parts of the book present more complex extensions of the simple memory models, studying their recall capabilities, analyzing various characteristics-such as capacit, convergence dynamics, and fault tolerence-and describing the hardware implementation of such memories.

"Some of the papers will be cited as reference for many years to come....The single most important book for applied neural networks community that I reviewed in this group. Neural networks will want to read this collection from cover to cover."-AI Expert.