Java Demonstrations of Neural Net Concepts

The Computation and Neural Networks Laboratory has developedJava demonstrations of neural net concepts.

Neural Networks Java Applets

  • 2 Dimensional Linear Dynamical Systems (CNNL) (Check below for a more general applet)
  • Perceptron Learning Rule (CNNL)
  • Principal Component Extraction via Various Hebbian-Type Rules (CNNL)
  • Clustering via Simple Competitive Learning (CNNL)
  • SOM: Self-Organizing Maps (Supports various methods & data distributiuons; authored by H.S. Loos & B. Fritzke)
  • Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) via SOM (authored by O. Schlueter)
  • Backprop Trained Multilayer Perceptron for Function Approximation (CNNL) (Demonstrates generalization effects of early stoping of training)
  • Neural Nets for Control: The Ball Balancing Problem (CNNL)
  • Backprop Trained Multilayer Perceptron Handwriting Recognizer (by Bob Mitchell)
  • Image Compression Using Backprop (CNNL)
  • Generalizations of the Hamming Associative Memory (CNNL)
  • Associative Memory Analysis Demo (Applet written and maintained by David Clark; Algorithms were developed in the CNNL)
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM) (by Lucent Technologies)
    Here is a note on Dr. Hassoun's PhD dissertation which included polynomial-type "SVM" ....
  • The Extreme Point Machine (EPM)

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  • Genetic Algorithm (GA) Demo (by Marshall C. Ramsey)
  • Trailer Truck Backup Demo: Fuzzy Rule_Based Approach (by Christopher Britton)

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