Basic Engineering I: Design in Engineering

Robotics-Based Section; Cr. 3.

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Learning Objectives


Academic Calendar


Final Contest (Fall 05)

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Final Contest (Winter 05)




WWW Links:

Lego Mindstorms

NQC Language

BricxCC UGI (PC)

BricxCC UGI (Mac)

Other Links


Problem Solving

Helpful Hints



CircleCenterBot(1 Meg)

CircleCenterBot(22 Meg)

Tankbot Assembly

Lecture Notes



Non-standard Lego Sensors

RCX Sensors/Motors Internals




BricxCC Manual (pdf)

NQC Tutorial (pdf)

NQC Tutorial (doc)

NQC Ref Sheet (pdf)

NQC Prog Guide (pdf) NQC Ref (online)


Beam Bracing Calculator

Switch Multiplexer Calculator

(Require Microsoft Excel)

Gears & Pulleys


Sample Robot Pictures

Monster Truck

Light Harvester


Circle Center Locator

Weekly Activities

NQC Programs:

Baum's NQC Programs (1st ed)


Baum's NQC Programs (2nd ed)


A Servo for the RCX!

Software Setup

WSU Download Center

Download Center:



Firmware RCX2.0

Final Contest

(Winter 2002)

Team 1 interview movie

Team 2 interview movie

Team 3 interview movie



Grades (Excel)

Grades (pdf)


Must Read:

Ideal & Real Systems


Lego Design:

Lego Design Basics I

Lego Design Basics II


Building Tutorial & Tips

Kit Components:

Page1,  P2,  P3,  P4


Lego Parts Reference



National Robot Competitions



Student teams working on their final projects (Fall 2005):

image1, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8, image9, image10


Sample Team Webpages (Winter 2002):

ChibiChan  MechaBot   LegoManiacs

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