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Functions / Commands are in red. Values / Queries are in tan.


SetSensor() Set the type and mode of the given sensor to the specified configuration.
SetSensorType() Set a sensor's type.
SetSensorMode() Set a sensor's mode.
ClearSensor() Clear the value of a sensor.
SensorValue() Returns the processed sensor reading for sensor n.
SensorType() Returns the configured type of sensor n.
SensorMode() Returns the current sensor mode for sensor n.
SensorValueBool() Returns the boolean value of sensor n.
SensorValueRaw() Returns the raw value of sensor n.


SetOutput() Set the outputs to the specified mode.
SetDirection() Set the outputs to the specified direction.
SetPower() Sets the power level of the specified outputs.
On() Turn specified outputs on.
Off() Turn specified outputs off.
Float() Make outputs float.
Fwd() Set outputs to forward direction.
Rev() Set outputs to reverse direction.
Toggle() Flip the direction of the outputs.
OnFwd() Set outputs to forward direction and turn them on.
OnRev() Set outputs to reverse direction and turn them on.
OnFor() Turn outputs on for a specified amount of time.
SetGlobalOutput() Disable or re-enable outputs depending on the mode parameter.
SetGlobalDirection() Reverses or restores the directions of outputs.
SetMaxPower() Sets the maximum power level allowed for the outputs.
OutputStatus() Returns the current output setting for motor n.
GlobalOutputStatus() Returns the current global output setting for motor n.


PlaySound() Plays one of the 6 preset RCX sounds.
PlayTone() Plays a single tone of the specified frequency and duration.
MuteSound() Stops all sounds and tones from being played.
UnmuteSound() Restores normal operation of sounds and tones.
ClearSound() Removes any pending sounds from the sound buffer.


ClearTimer() Reset the specified timer to 0.
SetTimer() Set a timer to a specific value (which may be any expression).
Timer() Return the current value of specified timer (in 100ms resolution).
FastTimer() Return the current value of specified timer (in 10ms resolution).


ClearMessage() Clear the message buffer.
SendMessage() Send an IR message.
SetTxPower() Set the power level for IR transmission.
SetSerialComm() Set the communication settings.
SetSerialPacket() Set the packet settings.
SetSerialData() Set one byte of data in the transmit buffer.
SendSerial() Use the contents of the transmit buffer to build a packet and send it out the IR port.
Message() Returns the most recently received message.
SerialData() Returns the value of a byte in the transmit buffer (NOT received data).


SelectDisplay() Select a display mode.
SetUserDisplay() Set the LCD display to continuously monitor the specified value.


CreateDatalog() Create a datalog of the specified size (which must be a constant).
AddToDatalog() Add the value.
UploadDatalog() Initiate and upload of count data points beginning at start.


ClearCounter() Reset counter n to 0.
IncCounter() Increment counter n by 1.
DecCounter() Decrement counter n by 1.
Counter() Return the current value of counter n.


SetPriority() Set a task's priority to p.


Event() Manually triggers the specified events.
SetEvent() Configure an event (a number from 0 to 15) to use the specified source and type.
CalibrateEvent() Calibrate the event by taking an actual sensor reading and then applying the specified ratios.
SetUpperLimit() Set the upper limit for the event.
SetLowerLimit() Set the lower limit for the event.
SetHysteresis() Set the hysteresis for the event.
SetClickTime() Set the click time for the event.
SetClickCounter() Set the click counter for the event.
ActiveEvents() Return the set of events that have been triggered for a given task.
CurrentEvents() Return the set of events that have been triggered for the active task.
ClearEvent() Clear the configuration for the specified event.
ClearAllEvents() Clear the configurations for all events.
EventState() Return the state of a given event.
UpperLimit() Return the current upper limit for the specified event number.
LowerLimit() Return the current lower limit for the specified event number.
Hysteresis() Return the current hysteresis for the specified event number.
ClickTime() Return the current click time for the specified event number.
ClickCounter() Return the current click counter for the specified event number.


Wait() Make a task sleep for specified amount of time (in 100ths of a second).
StopAllTasks() Stop all currently running tasks.
SetSleepTime() Set the sleep timeout the requested number of minutes (which must be a constant).
SleepNow() Force the device to go to sleep.
SetWatch() Set the system watch to the specified number of hours and minutes.
SetRandomSeed() Seed the random number generator with n.
SelectProgram() Select the specified program and start running it.
Random() Return a random number between 0 and n.
Program() Number of the currently selected program.
Watch() Return the value of the system clock in minutes.
BatteryLevel() Return the battery level in millivolts.
FirmwareVersion() Return the firmware version as an integer.