Perceptron Learning Rule Applet

by Ahmad Masadeh, Paul Watta, Mohamad Hassoun (January 1998)

This program applies the perceptron learning rule to generate a separating surface for a two class problem (classes X and O). The X's are represented by a Red Box while the O's are represented by a Purple Box.

.How to use the program :

1) In order to insert class samples on the screen simply lick the mouse button at the desired position . To change the class label, select one of the radio buttons (X for class 1, O for class 2).

2) After you have defined the training samples you may generate a separating surface by choosing one of the following perceptron learning training modes:

Full: This mode draws the separating surface immediately after you press the Train Button without showing the evolution of the separating surface during training.

Trace: This modes allows you to see every separating surface untill it converges to the final Solution. You can also choose the speed of animation that each line is drawn by selecting the speed from the Animation menu by choosing Fast, Slow or Regular speed.

Step: This modes allows you to Control when a new separating surface should be drawn untill you reach the final solution. Thus if this mode is selected you will not see a new line unless you press the Step button again and again.


3) The Random button draws the initial separating line which corresponds to the initial random weights.

4) The Corupt button allows you to draw a corrupted separating line from the original line and you can choose the level of corruption from the level of corruption menu.

5) To clear the screen simply click the Clear button.


Important Note: Pc users please use Internet Explorer 4.0 to view this program since Netscape does not support some of the features of this program and

thus may produce some undesired behaviour.