The following are links to some useful interactive symbolic and numerical math calculators located on the

WWW Interactive Mathematics Server


Wolfram Alpha


Numerical Methods: Root finding, integration, differential equations


Calculator: General purpose calculator (complex numbers and more) (screen shot)

Calculus: Computes derivatives, integrals, limits, Taylor, root solver (screen shot)

Linear Systems: Computes solution to a set of linear equations, (screen shot)

Matrix: Computes inverse, determinant, eigenvectors, (screen shot)

Series Sum: Computes sums of infinite series or other finite sums, (screen shot)

Polynomial Roots: (by Wolfram) (screen shot)

Differential Equation Solution: (by Wolfram) (screen shot)

Partial Fraction Expansion: (by Wolfram) (screen shot)

Laplace/Fourier Transorms (screen shot)

Function Plotter: Plots 2D and 3D functions with zooms, deforms, and rotates, (animated plot)

Parametric plot: Plots parametric curves (state-space trajectories) with moving points, (animated plot)

Animated Sequence: Visualize a sequence of real functions (e.g., Fourier expansion), (animated plot)