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This is the Home Page of the Computation and Neural Networks Laboratory. The CNNL is directed by Professor Mohamad H. Hassoun. This page is presented to help you navigate your search of our many resources.


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Table of Contents

·  About the CNN Laboratory

·  About the Researchers

·  Professor Hassoun's Homepage


·  TEXTBOOK: Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks, M. H. Hassoun (MIT Press, 1995)

·  Neural Networks JAVA Programs

·  Recent Publications

·  Neural Networks Journals

·  Neural Networks Selected Conferences and Workshops

·  Neural Networks Data Repositories

About the Laboratory

Brief History

About the Researchers

Current Members of the Computation and Neural Networks Lab
Mohamad H. Hassoun

Alumni of the Computation and Neural Networks Lab
Dr. Mu Xiaoyan
Raed Abu-Zitar
Mohammed Akkal

Mehmet Artiklar
Dr. Metin Artiklar
David Clark
Norman Dannug
Brijesh Desai
David Hagner
Amjad Hussain
Dr. Nobuhiko Ikeda
Ramsey Isler
Ahmed Masadeh
Rahul Shringapure
Ambiga Subramanian
Dr. Agus Sudjianto
Muhammad Siddiqui
Dr. Jing Song
Dr. Kaining Wang
Dr. Chuanming Wang
Dr. Paul Watta
Dr. Abbas Youssef

Courses Taught by Professor Hassoun

Course Information

Recent Publications


Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks (MIT Press, 1995)click to learn more about this textbook Order book from!
Associative Neural Memories (Oxford University Press, 1993) Order book from

Journal Papers
Downloadable (Postscript) Manuscripts/Papers


Book Chapters

Neural Network Journals

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
Neural Networks
Neural Computation
Neural Processing Letters
Network: Computation In Neural Systems
Neural Computing Surveys
Machine Learning Online

Selected Neural Networks Conferences and Workshops

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), USA.

Data Repositories

Pattern Recognition Related Archives (NIST, UCSD, etc.)
Face Recognition Data (& Research Groups)
Link to UCI Machine Learning Repository
DELVE: Data for Evaluating Learning in Valid Experiments (plus learning methods/software) (by C. Rasmussen and G. Hinton)

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