ECE 4330

Lecture Notes

Prof. Mohamad Hassoun


Mathcad Examples by Topic

Matlab Examples by Lecture


Lecture 1 Math Review I

Lecture 2 Math Review II

Lecture 3 Math Review III (example files)

TI89 Calculus Tutorial

Lecture 4 Signals I (example files for Lectures 4, 5 and 6)

Lecture 5 Signals II

Lecture 6 Signals III

Lecture 7 Time Domain Analysis of LTI Systems I (example files)

Lecture 8 Time Domain Analysis of LTI Systems II

Lecture 9 Time Domain Analysis of LTI Systems III (example files)

Lecture 10 Time Domain Analysis of LTI Systems IV & Laplace Transform I

Lecture 11 Laplace Transform II (example files for Lectures 11 and 12)

Lecture 12 Laplace Transform III (Laplace Transform Solved Problems)

Lecture 13 Laplace Transform Application to Feedback Control (example files)

-        PID control of a suspended magnet (final project by Cameron Hanson, Winter 19)

-        PID control of a propeller actuated inverted pendulum video.

Lecture 13a Examples of circuit design.

Lecture 14 The Fourier Series I (example files)

Lecture 15 The Fourier Series II (example files)

Lecture 16 The Fourier Series III (example files)

Lecture 17 The Fourier Transform I

Lecture 18 The Fourier Transform II (example files)

Lecture 19 Fourier Transform Applications (example files). Watch (first 5 min) video

Lecture 20 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems & the Z-Transform

Lecture 21 Solution of Difference Equations I (example files Lecture 21 & 22). Watch video.

Lecture 22 Solution of Difference Equations II (time-domain) (Primer)

Lecture 23 Sampling and Signal Reconstruction (example files)

Lecture 24 Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT): Application to System Analysis and Filter Design (example files) Pole-Zero placement and filter response. Watch Video

Lecture 25: (example files)

       Nonlinear Static Circuit Analysis

       Nonlinear dynamic system analysis

       More examples of nonlinear circuits

       Suspended Chain Problem

       Computing the square-root

       Practical integrator: (complete integrator circuit) Recommendations: Use Op-amp LF351 or, the more precise OPA277P. Use 1% precision resistors. Employ high-quality capacitors that have low leakage current (Teflon or Polypropylene caps).

       Mathcad solution of a system of ODEs (.mcd file)

Analog Computer Solution of Differential Equations

       Simple mass-spring system with damping (Linear)

       Coupled oscillators: Two mass/spring hanging system (Linear)

1.     Physical system

2.     Solution using analog electronic circuits

3.     Phase plane dynamics on an X-Y Recorder

4.     Matlab generated movie of phase plane: vs .


       Lorenz attractor (Non-linear) [Chaos: Watch movie, Matlab movie]

       Analog circuit implementation of the Lorenz system

       Analog circuit implementation of the Diffusion-less Lorenz system

       Lotka-Volterra (Predator-Prey) Model (Nonlinear)

       Van der Pol Oscillator (Nonlinear)

       Duffing Oscillator (Nonlinear) [Physical system]

       Tunnel Diode Circuit (Nonlinear); Matlab simulation movie

       Bifurcation and chaos (scope close up) Watch the movie